Phil Chambers

World Mind Mapping Champion

iMindMap Software

Mind Mapping is a revolutionary technique that has been very widely adopted in Education and Business around the world. It has helped millions of people succeed in may different fields. Despite being deceptively simple it is important to follow the rules to be effective. [See ‘Use Your Head’ and ‘The Mind Map Book” by Tony Buzan] Here, World Mind Mapping Champion Phil Chambers showcases some example Mind Maps demonstrating best practice using iMindMap software.

A Mind Map Overview of a one hour keynote presentation on Memory Skills.

Mental Literacy - A Mind Map giving an overview of Tony Buzan’s mental literacy programme and Mission for a Mentally Literate Planet.

English Literature - A Mind Map examining the characters and their roles in the book, “Of Mice and Men” by John Steinbeck.

Exam Revision - Modern History - A brief biographical Mind Map of Adolf Hitler.

Exam Revision - Modern History - A Mind Map overview of significant events and culture of the 1960s.