Synapsia has been reborn.

Editor in Chief, Professor Tony Buzan and Executive Dorector Raymond Keene OBE have recommenced Synapsia magazine. The rebirth comes in two forms:

  1.; This website represents the latest contributions for the Synapsia Magazine. As articles are completed they will be made available via the website. By clicking on the "Synapsia Issues" menu, you have the option to download any or all previous paper based Synapsia Magazines. Also available will be the latest "new" printable versions of Synapsia, in the same format as the former magazines. Finally, the menu offers users the option to view articles based by author. So if you have a favourite author or segment, you can click on that category and view all contributions for that category only.
  2. Once all articles for each quarter has been published on the website, a traditional Synapsia magazine style journal will be made available in the download section (Synapsia Issues). The mnagazine, in PDF format, can be read online or downloaded and printed.