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World MindMap Day - 19th August 2017

World Mind Map day 2017

Greetings from Synapsia!

Here is The MindMap celebrating World MindMap Day on August 19th!

This MindMap was created by reigning World Mind Mapping Champion Phil Chambers and Tony Buzan.

Please let me and the World know how you will sow the world with MindMaps and will do your utmost to make this Dream become a Reality! Do send Tony Buzan and Phil Chambers an estimate of the number of people you will touch with MindMaps on World MindMap Day! Please Tweet me your brilliant World Mind MapDay Von Restorrfian (highly Memorable) MindMaps at @Tony_Buzan.

"NEW" Synapsia Magazine

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Synapsia Magazine

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Synapsia Magazine

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Other News

Synapsia magazine was founded a quarter of a century ago by Tony Buzan as the official publication of the international Brain Clubs which later metamorphosed into the Brain Trust charity. Many noted intellectuals contributed including Garry Kasparov the world chess champion, Howard Gardner of multiple intelligence fame and Director of the Institute for Brain Chemistry and Human Nutrition, Professor Michael Crawford.

Synapsia rose to become the main news conduit for the Brain of the Year awards, the World Memory Championships and research into the nature of Genius and the Ageing Brain. Fifteen years ago the print version ceased publication but now it has been revived online by Brain Trust Royal Patron, Prince Marek Kasperski. With the active participation of Dr Manahel Thabet, Brain Trust President for the Middle East and North Africa, and the renewed commitment of Professor Tony Buzan himself, inventor of Mind Maps, Synapsia online is now inviting fresh contributions connected with learning, education and Brainpower, to enhance and expand our existing work, work which in many cases turned out to be predictive, cutting edge and, indeed, prophetic!